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12, 2004

Another rave review from a happy customer:


Paddled my 4Fun for the 3rd time today at Salmon fest (2
times down the river today).

I finally got the foot bag mostly figured out (someone showed
me, someone that had proper instructions). I really love the design and comfort
of the knee braces.

The real news is….OMG….EJ….I can’t believe how EASY
this thing HAND rolls! I hadn’t done a hand roll since learning how at pool
sessions in January (after watching your rolling & bracing DVD) …I made
every onside hand roll I tried today and only missed one offside hand roll!
(I couldn’t do the offside at ALL during pool sessions without hand paddles…)
The 4FUN rolls easier by hand than with a paddle…!!. This boat snaps up SO
well…you’d think I’d been hand rolling for years….lol.

The design is superior for rolling…I don’t know how you
did it…but what FUN I had today showing a bunch of folks the hand-roll-ability
of a Jackson Kayak…

lovin it…


PS…..2 dealers were there demoing/selling Funs….I saw
other Funs on the river….you can tell all the FUN owners by the big-ass grins
they have on their faces…. still have room first week in Aug at Ottawa?