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October 10, 2004

I just found this in my long lost folder that was recovered
in Outlook! Sorry I didn’t respond earlier Jim!!!

Hope all going good since I saw you at spring spash and you sign my poster;
which by the way has been hardback and hanging in the house, Great Outdoors
still have their hanging also.

Anyway the boats came into Great outdoor here in Winston
Salem today and I went to pick it up. Had order the Granit Red but since
then ;had change my mind to yelo’

Got to try demo at NOC last weekend and really like
it. Great Outdoors got 14 boats and had all but 2 sold and 1 of these
was a yellow one. I am sending you a pic and see if you can figure out
why yelo????????? Since I had order the 4 , I had to go on a diet to get
in a better weight range Belive it or not I have lost 9 pounds in 1 week.
209 to 200 going for 190 lb. The boat is the best incentive I could have
besides helping to keep me young!! Thanks to the whole EJ FAMILY for a
Great Boat




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