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September 30, 2004

Hey EJ, I just wanted to give you an update on the
Super Star. WOW. I have not been so impressed with a play boat relative
to it’s day, for the big guy, since the Score. All of the tall and big
people out there are going to flip when they try the boat. It is mind
boggling how responsive it is. The edge to edge transfer is so quick,
that it explodes for blunts. The stern releases so fast for flip turns
that it is scarry. We had diagonal ledges to ourselves the sun after Gauley
fest. Rob and I were consistently sticking huge flip turns on a small
wave with a side of full on air blunts. Yesterday we played at corner
hole and the loops are big. I needed to change my technique a bit, but
it wasn’t hard to adapt. You just need to slow down and wait for the boat
to go off then snap. The Potomac is now up to around 80,000 cfs and rising.
We had it out on some bigger waves today. I love it more every time I
hop in it. It took a little getting used to the short stern as far as
getting onto a feature, but I don’t understand how some people are saying
the All Star is slow on a wave. I have been able to catch many flatter
waves so far in it. I think that the key is to be as far into the bow
as possible. I will try to get you some video and pics soon, along with
some more feed back. Thanks again to you and Dave for yet again another
big guy’s dream.

Later ; Colin Kemp Team JK

Height 6’5"

Inseam 36

Weight 225