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October 18, 2004

I worked at Wavesport, in Greensboro, NC from 1999-2003
and never heard of the Mayo River. I am willing to guess that the staff
there still doesn’t know about it. Just FYI, if you work at Confluence,
check out the Mayo River, off of Old Anglin Road, just shy of the VA border
(50 minutes away). This is a fun little spot with about 15 or 20 feet
of gradient in a short 300 yards. I was there at rock bottom low water
and there was lots of creeky stuff, as well as blasting holes, a cartwheel
hole, a small, but fun surfing wave, and the flatwater was deep enough
for any tricks. It was also quite pretty, with smooth granite, perfect
for spins and boofs.

Don Hedge was the leader of this adventure. He called
me to see if I could do a Jackson Kayak only demo with anybody who wanted
to show. I was very happy to see Jizman55, otherwise known as Jim there.
He has been somebody who has been a fan for years and I am glad I finally
know this guy in or out of his boat. I am very lucky to know Jim. I was
finally introduced to Karen, who introduced Jim to kayaking. Karen is
more of a river runner, who watches when Jim decides to go out and play,
but can hold her own playing too.

I introduced the Super Star, All-Star, and Star to
the folks there. Most of them had already seen the Fun series and were
mostly Fun style folks anyhow. However, there were a few that wanted “All
Play, All Day” and the Star, All-Star, and Super Star were the craft
of choice!

I hope to do this again sometime!



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Spraying Ferry Dust

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GOP Staff learning to roll

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EJ and Jim

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