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EJ and family is going to North Carolina to paddle
with Great Outdoor Provisions customers

October 11, 2004

I haven’t been back to the home turf of
Confluence (owners of Wavesport) since I started Jackson Kayak.
It seems like I have been away from there for too long. I would
like to stop in and say hi to all of the good folks that still work
there at Confluence, but I am coming in and going out in a day,
on Saturday.

What’s the deal?

  • GOP is going to be bringing their demo Jackson
    Kayak boats to the Mayo Hole, ready to go at 10am. I will be zipping
    over in my Mini Cooper so will only be bringing my All-Star, Dane’s
    Fun 1, Emily’s Star, and one Super Star for people to see.
    GOP has the Fun series in stock so they can bring their demos.
  • Come and paddle- I will do whatever people
    want, some of the “EJ quick clinics” with lots of
    good stuff in a short amount of time on playboating, strokes and
    concepts, and rolling and bracing.
  • Come and learn to properly set up your
    Jackson Kayak- Already have a Fun or All-Star? Come learn how
    to maximize its comfort and control.

    • Don’t need to move the seat again?
      I’ll show you how to keep it tight and lock things down!
    • Want to have really happy feet? Learn
  • Want to see the Star or Super Star for the
    first time? Come check them out- how about a Fun 1.5? Hopefully
    GOP has one already- tell them to bring it!

Next week my beloved partner, Tony, flies in
to see me, cool. Also, my CFO will be here to do the 2004 and 2005
numbers again, awesome! Then the following weekend is the Whitewater
Symposium at NOC, coming to that? It will be really fun, and informative.
Go to for info.