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So you want a drain plug in your Jackson Kayak? Well, how
about a better option that doesn’t require a hole in the boat, or a plug
to loose for forget? Oh yea!

October 1, 2004

Drain Holes are now a reality. Simple, yes… Low
cost, you bet… functional- awesome! How does it work? The same thing
that made it so hard to empty your Jackson Kayak dry with out a sponge,
is the same thing that makes the drain holes possible, the wrapped down
cockpit! We simple found the best place to drill a hole INSIDE your cockpit
that allows almost all of the water to drain out of it. Super
important: when you drill your drain holes, put a piece of metal like
the blade of a putty knife under the place where you are putting the hole
so you don’t drill through the bottom of the cockpit rim!
The Jackson Kayak boats are designed to allow the water to run out of
them when tipped upside down and lifted up, unfortunately (until now)
a fair amount of water got trapped in the cockpit rim. By drilling a .5”
hole in the right place on the rim for each model, that water drains out
completely and the boat is drier than a drain plug in the stern of the
boat (by far). A drain plug has to be far enough from the end of the kayak
to mold properly, which means that you never empty all of the water out.
The drain holes now being put into a Jackson Kayak is in the right place
that it allows almost the entire boat to empty.

Is it exactly the same as a
drain plug? No, there are differences:

  1. You don’t have to unscrew a plug to drain
  2. You don’t get more water out.
  3. You have to lift the bow, lift the stern, and then
    lift the bow again to get the water out. This is different than a drain
    plug where you only lift the bow and hold it until most of the water
    comes out.

How do I rate it? If a drain plug was a 7 this is an


  1. It doesn’t cause your boat to leak.
  2. You never forget to put your drain plug back in.
  3. You never lose your plug.
  4. You get more water out of your boat.


  1. You have to actively drain your boat, by lifting
    both ends before it is dry.
  2. It requires that you learn something new (perhaps
    an advantage).

What if you already bought a boat with no drain holes?
Got a drill? You can drill it yourself easily, but
make sure you put a piece of metal inside under the cockpit rim so you
only go through the top wall of the cockpit rim. But if you drill
too deep, you are on your own. Go here for detailed instructions on drilling
drain holes:


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Top view of drain holes

Click to view larger image
Star series drain holes go in rear of cockpit

Click to view larger image
Overthruster hole drilled

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Drain holes front view

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Fun drain hole from above

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Fun Drain Hole from Behind