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Super Fun Review

October 5, 2004

Hi Eric…

Wanted to drop you a line and let you know about my
new boat.

I’m 41 years old, 5’11, about 185 pounds. A couple
of years ago I bought a used perception whiplash kayak and got into whitewater.
I’ve been having a blast but was sometimes frustrated and was usually
in pain after about a half hour in the boat.

I have a decent roll and have been playing in some
class 2, class 2 plus stuff. Have never really been very comfortable in
the boat.

Then I read about the new Fun series boats and started
checking them out online etc..

I found a dealer in Alberta and ordered a SuperFun.
River running and comfort were my main goals. I also wanted to learn to
surf and to do some new things including improving my roll etc..

My Super Fun arrived last week.

First impression, what a beautiful boat! Everyone who
saw it was impressed. Great outfitting, nice color, (red), sharp looking
with great attention to detail.

I downloaded the instructions on outfitting from the
website and got to work. It took a couple of tries and maybe an hour to
get dialed in then it was off to the local lake for a quick float.

I was impressed right away with the speed and tracking
of the boat, I didn’t expect that. First roll attemp, effortless. The
boat is much easier to roll than my old one.

I had to wait a couple more days to get to a river
due to mudane things like work, but then…

After practicing some ferrying, peel outs, and eddie
turns, we warmed up in some nice class 2+ rapids. The boat performed beautifully.
The guy I was with, a very experienced kayaking said things were going
so well we should hit some bigger stuff.

So, we kicked it on some class 3 and 3+ sections of
the river. My first time in class 3 water. I came through some huge waves
and through a couple of 3+, 4- drops and, at the very end, lost my balance
and flipped. Then, I rolled over in the river first attempt. I’ve never
done that before, it was great and felt very good! My friend was impressed
and I had more FUN than I’ve ever had kayaking before.

Near the end of the run, my friend showed my a good
surf wave and asked if I wanted to try it. After showing me how, I had
my turn. I actually got on the wave and surfed before I overpaddled and
ended up off the curl.

The day ended with a beatiful run through some more
big class 3 waves.

One more thing, I never got uncomfortable once, the
footbag is great.

Thanks for building a great boat, my fiance and her
son want one now. Ever consider making a lime green one?

Anyway, thanks again.


Bill Bailey