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November 7, 2004

I got this email this morning from Jez, our Australian


I just received a shipment of boats in Australia which
included the first All Star in the country. The boat looked great but
would Jake Farragher,our sponsored paddler fit into it? Now there wasn’t
any time to waste as the National Championships were running today so
I busted a groove and got it to his doorstep. He was stoked to see it
and even more stoked to know he fit in it like a glove. “I didn’t
think I’d fit in it but it feels so comfortable.” he said.
So that same day it was off to the nationals.

Some amazing competition was there with names such
as Anthony Yapp, Brock Flowers, Tanya Faux to name a few and competition
continued into the night under lights.

The Junior men’s was on and everyone watched
the field absolutely rip it up with scores as high as 170. These scores
were higher than most of the Senior scores and eventually it came down
to two paddlers, Russ paddling a Pyranha and Jake in his All Star. Massive
moves were thrown down including huge backstabs by Russ, and awesome loops
by Jake. Well in the end, after only a few hours of practice in his All
Star and a snapped paddle later, Jake took out the Australian Championships
proving that this boat can successfully live up to its name. The ALL STAR.

Jake and I, both in Jackson Kayaks, took out first
and second place in the Australian ‘gift race’, a race down
the entire whitewater course without spray decks. Nothing like running
rapids with no deck and a boat that’s more like a submarine. Now
we know Jackson Kayak dominates both on top of the water and under.

I also was happy with my 9th place performance in a
Super Fun and 2nd in OC1. You think you could make an OC1 next mate???

Thanks EJ for creating such an amazing boat, they’re
taking over the world!!

jez- Entropy Gear (Jackson Kayak Australia)

*******National Championship Titles for Jackson Kayak
that I know of now****

1. USA- Men’s (EJ), Women’s (Devon Barker),
Junior Women’s (Emily Jackson)

2. Japan- Men’s (Yagi)- only Jackson Kayak in
Japan at the time.

3. Australia- Junior Men’s (Jake)

There may be more that I don’t know about, like
in England, and now the boats are hitting Europe, so it won’t be
long until Europeans who buy a Jackson Kayak will also be winning the
big events!

Very cool!




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