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November 16, 2004

On November 1st, we switched to four day weekends to
reward our hard working staff who have been making the best boats on the
planet. On December 20th, we will take this one step further and close
for 30 days of vacation time. What does this mean to you? It means that
your dealer will not get any new boats from December 20th until February
1st. We will start shipping kayaks the last week in January of 2005. The
Jackson family will be in Australia during these 30 days for the World
Championships and won’t really be available either. If you want
a new Fun or Star series kayak for Christmas, you had better tell your
dealer soon so they can order it and you can get it in time. The final
day of shipping for Jackson Kayak will be on December 17th. These boats
are likely to make it to the dealers before Christmas. In order for you
to get a boat by Christmas you will need to have ordered it by December
1st so that we can mold it and assemble it and ship it on or before the
17th. Any questions? After December 17th crying on the phone won’t
work either, because we aren’t even going to answer the phones!
Web sales are included. We have achieved our goals for 2004 and will reward
those individuals who have helped us get there, our staff. I hope you
can appreciate that working hard means earning the right to play hard.
Three day weekends followed by almost 5 weeks of play time and we will
all be fully charged and ready for 2005! Just another reason Jackson Kayak
is here for the long run, we are having a good time!

Thanks for your support!

🙂 EJ