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November 17, 2004

Weird to think about flying to England for the weekend,
but hey, you only live once. Kristine and I will be leaving the kids to
hit the Tallulah River on their own as we plan a trip down the Dart River,
across the pond they call the Atlantic. Simon Edwards, my European distributor
extraordinaire, will be picking us up at the airport at 6:45 am and then
we are with him until Sunday afternoon when we fly back. I got the invitation
from Simon this morning and managed to get two tickets from a wholesaler
at $592 each, which is not bad for one day advanced purchase if I don’t
say so myself. There maybe more to this story than I am putting in black
and white right now but, I will update you when I return as to the goings

I just got off the water with Emily and Stephen Wright,
and Jeremy at Rock Island. I can now do a back loop, and throw a McNasty
out of it before my stern drops!