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November 3, 2004


just wanted to say "Thanks!" one more time
for taking the time to talk to
me at GAF, and for building a fantastic boat. I bought the blue Super
Saturday morning and had a great time paddling it Saturday and Sunday.
really lived up to your big build-up. Good thing for me, since I bought
on faith before I had a chance to demo one! I just didn’t want it to be
when I got off the river. I have no regrets.

My friend Tim, who paddled the boat I borrowed from
you to demo, was also quite impressed. He’s not really in the market for
a new boat, ‘cuz he loves his Ace 5.1, but after paddling the Jackson
I think he may break down and open up his wallet. He was very impressed,
as were many other paddlers. The Nantahala was full of Jacksons both days
– many demo’s, I’m sure, but the word is spreading.

I look forward to becoming a better paddler in my new
boat. Hope to see you on the river some time soon.

Jon Hetrick
Oak Ridge, TN