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November 8. 2004

My Family

My family was once, my sister, mom, and dad.
With them I did many things, lots of fun we had.
Perhaps the best was my first whitewater, in a canoe.
I learned along side my dad, each day something new.
We had tales to tell mom, each day we returned,
About camping, the thrills and spills, and the things we learned.
Then one day, I found I was on my own, flown from the nest.
My mother passed, and I moved away, it seemed, for the best.
Struggling to survive everyday, but never giving up my kayak dream;
Years passing by, I got married and was still heading downstream.
Paddling everyday, while my kids grew up quite fast.
The age of the toddler came and then past.
I now find myself as part of a family, my kids, and my wife.
My kids and I sharing the same stories I did, before, in my past life.
Their eyes wide with wonder, and always trying to speculate,
Every time I mention a new trip, like a wrapped present, they can’t
Kristine is the ground crew, tying it all together.
There to hear our stories, in all kinds of weather.
I don’t know what will happen in the years we’ve yet to see.
Good fortune or bad, it is not always up to me.
So, today will try to make it the best day, and maybe tomorrow can be
The past makes us who we are, like my mother, I’ll never forget
I hope my children enjoy what they have today.
They have a family that cares, in our own way.
No day is perfect, some days are just tough.
Everyday is meaningful, but I will never get enough;
Of My Family

EJ 11/2004