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November 8, 2004

Dane Jackson
Age: 11
Weight: 63 pounds
Height: 4’ 4”
Boat: Fun 1

Dane had an incredible year in 2004. He got to paddle
many classic river runs, such as Brush Creek, Great Falls of the Potomac,
South Fork of the Silver, Dries of the New, High Water Rock Island, and
many, many more. He also had an incredible competitive year in the junior
men’s class. He won several prelim rounds and medaled a few times,
competing against the best juniors in the USA, up to 18 years old. The
big one for him this year was qualifying for the USA Freestyle Kayak Team
in the junior men’s class. He got third on the team of three, earning
him the right to wear the red/white/ and blue in Australia at the World
Championships. Dane also proved to be a great ambassador for Jackson Kayak
by helping at events across the country and in Canada. He is awesome at
fitting kayakers into any boat we have, as well as a special gift for
helping the little kids trying the Fun 1. I am proud to have Dane as a
member of Jackson Kayak, and of course, as my son.

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Emily Jackson

Age: 14
Weight: can’t ask your 14 year old daughter, my wife told me.
Height: a good guess at 5’ 1”
Boat: Star, and 2 Fun

Emily’s season was unbelievable. She went from
a very timid class three kayaker to a full on class 4 and occasional class
5 boater. She learned to love creeking as well as big water play. Her
competitive season was unbelievable. Her biggest wins were coming in first
in the USA Freestyle Kayak Team in the junior women’s class, and
winning the 2004 USA National Championships for junior women. Emily has
made kayaking a major part of her life and is always looking forward to
the next trip or next competition. She proved to be a great kayak instructor
this year helping me on many occasions. She can teach advanced rolling
and bracing, and has learned to do lots of flatwater tricks in her new

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🙂 EJ