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November 23, 2004

It was quite an honor to receive the award, given
to me by the readers of Playboating Magazine, for Outstanding Paddler
of the Decade. The votes were done both online and write in, and they
received over 5,000 votes on the topic. So, thank you to those who voted,
for me, or anybody else. I hope that I can be at least in the running
for the next decade! I am certainly moving ahead with a full plate of
kayaking in the next ten years, having two kids that are as hooked on
the sport as you can get. Although my focus may be diluted to include
the paddling desires of my kids as well as mine, there will be no tapering
off. They say too much of a good thing is bad, well, as of yet, I must
say that kayaking doesn’t fit that bill!

Again, thanks to Playboating Magazine for putting on
a party worth flying across the Atlantic for, and for having a magazine
worth reading every issue for ten years!

🙂 EJ



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