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November 17, 2004

Today was one of those worth writing about, not because
it was completely different and unique but because it went along so well.
I woke up later then usual, which is not a bad thing in my opinion, and
had no hassle. Then I went and took my daily bath, which in my case is
very important on my to-do list. Sat down with dad and did a couple math
problems, but because he is such a busy man, he got distracted very easily,
with phone calls, and old guys knocking on the door talking about adult
business, not stuff teenagers need to know about yet, in my opinion. Later
on mom made an EPIC, yes epic breakfast, fancy cinnamon and raison bread
French toast, which probably isn’t quite French toast because French
toast is made with “French bread,” in this case it was cinnamon
raison bread. It was so good I wanted more, but the thought of the one
day six pack hiding in my big boned stomach kept me intact with reality.
(Even though at first I took a half of one and then I forgot about the
six pack and took a another small one) My day is going great! My tummy
is full and my mind is stress free, then I started thinking of how I have
to run the Tallulah…. Let the stress begin!! I am already panicking
about it and I have like 3 days till I have to run it. Now I was “supposed”
to be doing math while I was thinking about Tallulah and mom reminded
me of this when she told me to wrap it up and stick it in a box, that
I did and trust me this box had so many locks and bolts on it, but of
course I am so panicky that I managed to undo that box, just enough to
make me distracted. Then all these people started to pour into the house,
people that work for us of course, and I went and tried to make fun of
Goats beard. But it isn’t so bad but, I wanted to anyways. My niceness
did not overcome my urge to talk about it! Then Ann and her two sons came
and they were going over to the plant to build boats, which they did quite
well. Some had a little too much fun in my opinion. They were having fun
building there fun, haha, I am so funny. This was my saving from school
as well which is always good. After Steven and Jase helped them with the
boats we went to do my favorite thing. KAYAK!! It was fun; I was having
a good time in the flat-water helping Ann’s sons with strokes and
rolls. I had a blast…Later on in the day we went home and chilled
in my RV watching a snow boarding videos. Still haven’t gotten much
school done but, I will when the guys leave. Of course plan after plan
comes up like mom and dad are going out and so am I with Ann and her sons….which
was super fun. If you look closely in all my writing you will notice fun,
super fun, some of my dad’s boats, so technically I am advertising.
Advertising is 2 fun though, I just can’t stop, haha, 2 fun, hehe.
OK so now it is dark, I get home and get to watch one of my favorite midgets,
or little kids, Emma. Emma is about 6’2 or is it 2’6? Well
she is small funny and loves to talk, it is very fun to socialize with
her because she likes the word yes so when you say, “Emma do you
love Dane?” she will say yes. Or you could say “Emma if you
could marry anyone would it be Dane?” And she loves the word yes….but
when Dane asked her whether she loved me she said “No.” This
is very hard for her because we know she meant to say yes, being her favorite
word and all… We had a good time laughing about Emma’s replies
and actions. After that mom and dad got back around 9:30 and that was
when I finally started school. Dad promised to help me and OI made sure
he held on to his side of the deal. At first we were on the slow side,
it being so late and all didn’t help. But then I decided to see
whether I could beat my dad to answer of a problem and that’s when
the pace picked up. Let the games begin. Let’s just say my dad did
not seem so tired anymore, and we were racing, several times I though
I was beat but, like a cheetah I was quick and won. Cheetah is a bad thing
to compare myself to when it comes to math because it sounds like cheater,
so make sure you don’t read the sentence above too quick. Then I
went and told my beautiful mother about my rightful victory over dad.
Actually it was fair for him; I should have given him a head start. Just
kidding it was actually quite hard to beat him. Math is 4 Fun. Hehe!

Back to the “Today Line.” After I told
my beautiful mother I looked at the book she was read, Good in Bed, at
first it sounded like something I would never read, and it probably has
some dangerous adult secrets in it. Anyways, the cover showed crossed
legs, pretty legs, golden, shaved, women’s obviously. And I told
my mom, “Hey your legs look just as beautiful as the women on the
cover!” Of course I thought I was scoring a few points and being
cute but then the reply was quite embarrassing, my mom who is perfect
told me that the girl on the cover was supposed to like 200 hundred something
pounds, whoops hehe, I spent the rest of the awkward silence telling her
why the lady cant be heavy because of her beautiful legs, this brought
a smile to my moms face which is always what you want to see on her face.
Of course being her daughter, sometimes it isn’t always a smile.
After that I brushed my teeth, posed for the mirror and hoped in my bed
which Emma managed to make her play ground, I was on top of a couple pretzels,
a doll thingy (Mc Donald’s toy probably). The pretzels weren’t
bad, until I had to brush my teeth again. Brushing teeth is not a fun
1. haha Well That’s my day and I hope you had fun because I had
two fun writing it.

Emily Jackson
November 17, 2004