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December 27, 2004

Less than one year ago, we brought you an innovative,
comfortable, lightweight outfitting system in every Jackson Kayak. It
was our first year and I was very happy with how things turned out. The
only piece of outfitting we didn’t make on our own was the IR backband,
which was the best aftermarket one we could find. Well, in 2005 I am proud
to say we will be making our own backband too. Here is a summary of our
outfitting concepts for 2005- awesome stuff! Some of the outfitting is
standard, some is aftermarket. Here is what we are doing!

General goals:

  • Take the most comfortable boat on the market, make
    it more comfortable,
  • Make it easier to adjust
  • Make it better fitting for everybody.
  • Take the seating system to a new level never seen
  • Improve safety.
  • Improve the boats performance when playing.

Specific goals:

  • Make the front wall secure from moving side to side.
  • Make the backband adjustable from the front.
  • Make new hip pads that are not so aggressive, fitting
    everybody that can fit in the boat comfortably.
  • Make the seating system the most comfortable available
    by supporting the legs from underneath without hindering exit.
  • Make a volume enhancer for the cockpit area
    that is multi functional, lightweight, and super effective.

Standard in all Jackson Kayak models for 2005

  • Composite, extruded floor beam
  • 4” thick mini-cell pillars of various densities
    depending upon the size of the kayak.
  • Two stainless security bars for Fun and Star series
    with grab handle on stern bar.
  • Four rubber overmolded webbed grab handles on creekboats,
    with single stainless security bar. NEW

    Integrated thighbraces with oversized cloth covered thigh pads.

  • Happy Feet Footbag in all Star and Fun Series kayaks.
  • CreekFeet bulkhead system in all Creek boats. NEW
  • Jackson Kayak Surelock backband system. NEW
  • 6” wide mini-cell sidewall seat supports
  • Multi-sized, double-padded, cloth-covered, seat
    on lightweight plastic seat pan.
  • Cloth-covered, mini-cell, hip pads with new shape.
  • Floor Runners to secure front wall. NEW

After Market Outfitting available in 2005

  • Happy Seat (leg support for control and comfort)
  • Happy Thruster (same as Happy Seat with a skirt
    implosion and Aerial Loop feature) NEW
  • Fun Float- Single unit float bag designed for the
    stern of all squirtable stern kayaks (Fun 1- Super Fun, Star-Super Star)
  • Creek Float- Single unit float bag designed for
    the stern of all Creekboats, with an area for storage of throw ropes,
    etc. NEW
  • Surelock Backband- NEW

🙂 EJ



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Runners for the front wall

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Surelock cleats for backband

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Surelock backband attachment