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December 16, 2004

I got this email from one of my newest dealers- Ouachita
Outdoor Outfitters, Jeremy is the man!


I told you a while back, I’d get you a write up
on the new play wave in Arkansas…well here it is, better late than never.

So, a year ago, a couple of paddlers got hooked
up with this guy who works for the Corp of Engineers..He says.."Hey,
we’re gonna have some heavy equipment down here soon to clean out some
of the brush around the river to make it more appealing to guests at the
campground…You guys wanna move some rocks?" (well thats basically
what happened—in a nut shell) Well, you can guess how this went…Paddlers
getting to direct track-hos where to move rocks below a dam!! You betcha
they moved some rocks…Well now on this previously un-used stretch of
river-save for a few solo canoeing classes- there is now a world class
play wave/hole… Complete with campground and a very willing "corp
of engineers guy" to make it even better…It was kind of an odd
situation that doesn’t happen much, or at all, which is why I brought
it to your attention….And this is a picture of Scott Hanshaw throwing
a BIG LOOP in his brand new ALL-STAR!!!(first one in the state I might
add) I was throwing helixes(or felixes b/c they weren’t airborne) but
I didn’t send the pics cause I wasn’t in a Jackson Kayak…(the super-stars
weren’t out yet)

I thought this might be of interest to ya..cause
its a great feature…You and the family will have to come check it out
this summer…I also thought you might wanna post this story and/ or pic
on your website…

Take Care, and Happy Holidays


Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters



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Scott Hanshaw Big Loop