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December 8, 2004

Finally a true performance kids paddle to go with the
Fun 1 and Fun 1.5. These 100% composite kids paddles were designed to
be super lightweight, strong, and beautiful. I collaborated with my former
US Slalom Team/Olympic Coach Sylvan Poberj on the design. The paddles
come in three sizes: 150cm, 162cm, and 175cm. You need to see them to
believe how cool. Dane is super excited about his new paddle. This is
the paddle Dane will use in the 2005 World Freestyle Championships.

Get your paddle exclusively online
here at our store
. They are $219.95 retail, plus shipping and handling.
(we had to make special boxes for them too.)

We will only have 175cm until next February. I have
to make the blades a little smaller for 150cm.

Very cool stuff!

🙂 EJ

p.s. I will have Dane review his new paddle as soon
as he uses it tomorrow.