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December 23, 2004

At Gauley Fest this year, Jackson Kayak threw hats
off the roof of the RV. Each hat had a number written on the bill and
at the end of the night, we drew a number. The winner would walk away
with a Jackson Kayak of their choice, on the spot. Today I got an email
from the winner!

HI! my name is Zack Miller, I am the new proud
owner of a Jackson kayak, thanks to good luck and number 62(the hat i
caught). in your article you said that it appears you had created a new
kayaker and you were right. I’ve never been in a kayak before and I definatly
couldnt have afforded one anywhere near as nice as the one that I won
at gauley fest if at all. I just wanted to thank you for the doors you
have opend for me and the fun ive had in it already. I live on leesville
lake (A little flatwater lake in ohio) and im on the water almost every
day regardless of the weather.ive been on the tuscarawas river lots of
times its only a few class ones maybe a two here or there but its mild.I
plan to run the gauley in it next year so ive got to keep practicing.
ive practicly abandoned my harley since i won the kayak but that is what
it will take to make it down the gauley! I hope to see you next year at
gauley fest. and happy holidays!!!thanks again!!!