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December 14, 2004

Dear EJ,

We’re finally getting rain in Oregon and was able to
get the Super Star out. Though most of the play spots near Portland, OR
are washed out I was able to find plenty of river play. So far I’ve been
taken me ship on the Clackamas, Fish Creek, and E. Fork of the Hood. Mostly
big waves and holes at this level, Class III~ IV. The picture is from
the Clackamas @ 4700 cfs. My last boat was an Air 55.

I weigh 175 lbs, have a 32” inseam and 10" feet.
At my size there is plenty of room, including enough to wear my booties.
Outfitting is great! All I had to do was adjust the hip pads and Happy
Feet. No extra outfitting required!


Whether in a hole or on a green wave this boat wants
to surf! Front~ Back~ Side~ Spin, it doesn’t matter, its exceptional.
Unlike the typical ‘spud’ boat it maintains a lot of speed, much like
a surf boat. The boat didn’t seem slow catching a wave on the fly, typical
of the shorter play boats. It also carves like a champ.

Cart wheeling:

I have yet to find a good cartwheel hole. Just have
to wait for the levels to come down. I did get a chance to throw some
ends in flat water. Absolutely amazed at how well balanced the boat is.
From bow to stern the transition was smooth and easy. No power required
for this baby, nor a paddle. Cleans were easy to complete and control.
Tomorrow its Super Cleans,

Splits and Tricky Whu’s!


WOW! The Air was considered a great looping machine.
No wings need to get the Super Star airborne. I’ve only been able to throw
them on flat water. I don’t need to pump my boat to complete the loop,
but when I do I go huge!

River Running:

I’ve done various runs included technical and big
water rapids, Class III~ IV. I had no problems catching eddies, ferrying
or punching holes. My boat went were I paddled it to go, no strange boat
dynamics. It was easy to roll and stability is great, even when on edge.
Unless its strictly a creek boat run I will take this boat down anything.
I’ll use the Super Star for my river runner and full on rodeo boat.

Though I’ve only had the boat for a week its the best
boat I’ve paddled. I still have some playing to do; blunts, etc… but
I can tell already this boat is going to rock! I guarantee the Super Star
is the ride all the kids are going to line up for! This is a must demo.

My only question is, when does the Super Star T- shirt
come out?




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