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World Championships are getting close, we received our USA
Jackets today!

December 4, 2004

Team USA was always my dream. Having Emily and Dane
on the USA Team
with me was a dream that seemed too far fetched to consider, but it happened
in 2004! Well, it seems so much closer today, now that we just received
Lotus Designs Team USA Lifejackets! This is the 4th year in a row that
Lotus Designs has sponsored the US Team with both lifejackets and clothes,
and also $5,000. Their support over the past few years has been awesome
very much appreciated.

I can’t tell you how excited the kids were to open
up the box and have a brand new Red, White, and Blue Team USA lifejacket.
It is like the cold splash in the face letting you know that you aren’t
dreaming. Dane usually wears a 1/2 pint by Lotus, but you will have to
pry his team jacket off of his body if you expect to get him out of it.

We will keep these jackets forever, and it will mark
a great year in the Jackson family history.

🙂 EJ



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EJ Surfs his new USA jacket on Brave Wave

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Kids in Their Jackets

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Jackson Family on Team USA