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January 17, 2005

Water is at a premium these days for quality training
with no rafts or huge crowds. Luckily for $280 per hour you can buy your
own hour. Well, that is exactly was Ruth Gordon (Team Canada) did. She
wanted 6-8 people in the session and offered her friends access to it.
Kristine bought me in, while Jimmy B, Tanya S, Scott F, Joel Kowalski,
Dave Newenhouse, and Ruth made up the session. Getting up at 5 am wasn’t
hard at all, knowing that it was cool, the water warm and a great training

My training:

I worked on back loops, space godzillas, blunts to
a vertical stern, and a few rodeo rides. My back loops are going great,
nailing them 100% of the time today. Space Godzillas didn’t go as
well only getting one that would count, I need to throw it more like a
loop, then twist. My blunts were good, getting a clean air blunt today,
but the vertical stern after is not there yet. My rodeo rides were pretty
good. I had two rides out of the three that were high scoring. I didn’t
have video today, since it was raining, so I don’t know my score,
but definitely good to go.

The cartwheels changed quite a bit. I was linking vertical
endless lefties, now they are not easy to do without walking out the back
or the corner. The bottom lake is getting lower, therefore the pumps have
to lift the water further up to the top the course, which prevents them
from pumping quite as much water. So the water level is now lower than
when I first arrived. I am changing my whole routine based on that one
simple fact. The water will only get lower, not higher, so I will assume
that it will get less and less retentive, as well as narrower. I am not
100% sure what my new set of moves will be, but probably more wave oriented.

🙂 EJ



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5 am, and heading to training