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January 30, 2005

What a day! I can’t tell you how much fun each round
was. I won
each round of the finals, and one by one the field got smaller until it
Mano y mano with Billy Harris (again) for the gold.

Off to the party! More tomorrow.

🙂 EJ

P.s. Jutta Kiser, women’s champion Paul from Canada,
OC1 Champion, Mark
(short one) from France, C1 champion Adam Hall from England, Junior
champion, Jennifer Grimes from England, Junior Women’s champion, Dustin
Urban, men’s squirt champion, Deb O’Kief Women’s squirt champion

Dustin Urban
Deb O’Keif
Jutta Kiser
Paul from Canada
Mark from France
Jennifer Grimes
Adam Hall
All new world champions!



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EJ Receiving World Champioship trophy

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EJ on Awards Stand

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EJ and Billy gettin ready for final round!

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Crowd and tv ready for final run