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January 17, 2005

Juniors are fun to play with, but sometimes, a group
of adults for a
game like poker is the way to go. Last night we had our first adult only
poker night. Sharkey, Stephen Wright (also plays poker at the plant in
Island, he is an international poker player!), Polly Green (here working
her new video), Jimmy Blakeny, Scott Fiendel, Mark Schriver (world champion
open canoer from 1997), and myself were in the game. It was one of those
games where the money changed hands quickly and almost everybody was winning
at some point. Jimmy went "all in" more than once, both winning
and losing,
while Mark Schriver was true to his nature and was the quiet storm that
somehow had almost all of the red chips at one point, before anybody
noticed. Polly played ignorant, asking Jimmy for help on more than one
occasion, then seemed to know how to play us for some big money and win.
The game was to be called at 10pm. At 9:30 I had about $2 left and managed
to get up to about $18 by 9:55. On the second from last hand, after Jimmy
had gone out to Scott with an "all in" hand, I went all in against
Scott and
won the biggest hand of the night putting me in charge of the majority
the chips. There were many really cool hands were it was Mano y mano,
in and the cards were flipped early to see what would happen. Sharky
brought the wine, I supplied the beer. Kristine took Emily to the movies,
while Dane went over to Ali Wade’s place to watch a movie with her. Great

🙂 EJ



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Adult Poker Night