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January 17, 2005

I received probably 200 different names from my readers,
lots of really good ones too that I had never considered. Below is an
example of one letter with a guy from Reno in his new All-Star. So what
are the leaders? Well, I must admit there are some tough choices for the
names, especially since I will keep them for years to come. I will let
you know what the name will be this week. I think I have a good choice
already, from a name Dane came up with for the All-Star last year, and
two more people gave me this name this week as well. I won’t spill
the beans yet, because I want to make sure this time that it isn’t
taken or that it is appropriate.

🙂 EJ

p.s. I like Havoc and Super Havoc, but they won’t
be the winners.

How about the Havoc & the Super Havoc for your
all around/creeker?

Here is a pic of me in my new x-mas present. This
was Sunday, hopefully with all the snow the water will come up a little
more. Good Luck in the Worlds.


Aaron (in Reno)


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