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January 26, 2005

Well, it isn’t like I haven’t been here
before. This is the 8th time I have won prelims in the World Championships
or the Pre-World Championships, winning four of those 8. Every time is
like the first. My first ride I flushed three times! However, so did most
of the other guys, flushing at least once. The competition is underway
and the field was cut from 80 to 20 in the men’s kayak class. The
top three places in prelims were:

EJ 670 or so points- going off of memory here

Billy Harris: 440 or so points

Tobias Bersch- 430 points (See results sheet for exact

Jay had great moves with great flushes. Just not his
day, but he’ll be back.

Great news for me- First and Third place finishers
were paddling the All-Star!

See attached video
(4.98 MB Windows Media Player 9 Required) of my best ride (still only
½ or less of the potential score)

Junior Men:

Well Dane paddled really well on his first ride, good
enough to move on with another one, but only got 2 points on his second
ride after flushing on his entry move and every other one.

From the USA: Todd Baker won prelims with two awesome
rides, followed by a German, then a British paddler, all performing like
seniors! Check
results sheets for them.

It is 11:00pm and Emily and Dane just got home after
going out to dinner with friends. I can go to bed now too. Emily competes

🙂 EJ