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January 7, 2005

Canadians, like Ruth Gordon, New Zealanders, more Swedes,
Czechs, Australians, Americans (Rush Sturges just came in from Uganda),
Eli Helbert, Devon Barker, more British, French, etc. etc. The big wave
will come this coming week, as the entire teams start showing up.

Also, the Slalom National Championships (for Australia)
is on January 12-13th. I entered that race as well, for fun, of course,
since I am going to have to borrow a boat. Some of the worlds best slalom
racers are here training also, since the World Slalom Championships are
here in October. (I am going to US Team Trials in June, any chance? We’ll
see) This afternoon was not good for training. There were about 50 slalom
racers, 100’s of rafters, duckies, and playboaters all on the course
at once! It was a zoo for sure! I think I the weekends are not a good
time to do 45 second rides!

Getting a tan quickly here, nothing like a N0Zone area
to give you the quickie tan.

Paddlers are really stepping it up quick here. Tons
of great rides!

🙂 EJ