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February 15, 2005

Great news! We are building
the new colors and with the new outfitting and they start shipping next
week! We have been working on our new production system, lead by John
Ratliff, to streamline the production process, keep quality at the top,
and use our limited space wisely. We did a lot of practice on demo boats
already and the numbers of boats per person per hour has jumped dramatically
by eliminating bottlenecks and smoothing out the flow. The entire production
crew got together and made it happen.

Dane got his new Blue Fun 1 today and loves it. Emily
got a Red Star because I had it but is still deciding on her 2005 color
choice. I still don’t know what color to paddle. Blue, orange, red,
yellow, black? Not pink, but thanks for asking.

The Rocker mold will show up here before I know it
and I am quite excited!!!

The Hero and Super Hero are 30 days behind that, not

EJ 🙂