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February 22, 2005

Name one person you should
kayak with before you die? Clay Wright is one person I would name. An
East Coast Creeking Encyclopedia with a mouth so you don’t have
to read! I attempted to follow Clay down the Bear this morning, 15 years
since my last run down it and 10” less water on the gauge. Clay
said, “This rapid is a boat breaker.” As I entered the narrowing
twisting 150 cfs chute and jumped up on the rock as per his directions.
I was ½ full on my next rapid and now following Marc Lyle (Dagger
Boat design Guru)

I walked out, with my Rocker proto that was undercooked
on my shoulder. I knew it was not cooked right, but I was in a hurry to
put one together so I got what I deserved.

Clay showed up at the put in and I followed him down
for his second run, my first. This time I was in a Mutant. Yes, a little
too small for me but it was a production boat that may make the full run
without breaking.

What a day. Clay was about 2 feet in front of me for
most of it as he lead me down this classic steep creek as if it was all
boogie water. I scouted “Big Bang” because it is not worth
shooting in the dark on that one. Although I ran Stairway to Heaven on
my first run of Bear back in 1990, it was not on my list of things to
do today. I’ll save it for when I am not so green in my creek boat

Thanks Clay for being the Creeking Guru that is like
following a train on the right tracks down the river!

EJ 🙂