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February 12, 2005

Sharky is an Ottawa 582 local. I first met him in 95
when he was 15 years old and have seen him every year since. His instructional
abilities are unbelievable and is only one small step away from being
on the worlds team for Canada in surface boat, while easily making the
Canadian squirt team this year. Sharky is the manager for Ottawa Kayak
School (
) and is a great ambassador for Jackson Kayak. I had the pleasure of playing
golf, poker, and kayaking with Sharky in Australia this year at the World
Championships. In 2006 Sharky will be working with Joe Kowalski in organizing
the first World Cup Freestyle event in history on the Ottawa River. In
2007 Sharky will also be one of the main organizers of the World Championships
on Bus Eater on the Ottawa. An engineer by schooling, a kayaker and school
director by choice, Sharky is an awesome person to have in any organization.
Look for great things from this young man in the years to come!

🙂 EJ



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Sharky living it up