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February 19, 2005

It always amazes me when we
decide to try something new at Rock Island and it becomes a reality. This
was the case for the McNasty and now for the Mystery Flip. The Mystery
Flip is a move that was done on the Skook first (a big wave with a big
foam pile) and I have never seen one live until I decide to see how big
I could Ollie at Rock Island, only to find that I could often get my bow
back down before I landed, meaning a loop was the next step.

The Mystery Flip is a big ollie where you land bow
first and go underwater, popping out into a front loop. At Rock Island,
it is almost impossible to get your bow in the water once you are in front
of the foampile. Doing a big Ollie (All-Star is a great boat for this!)
is the first key. Then pushing the bow down with your feet is second,
followed by the loop (All-Star is the boat for that too!) Air loops are
very hard to get at Rock Island, and while this Mystery flip has a nice
Ollie, there is still room for improvement by getting a big air loop out
of it.

If you remember my McNasty started off a little weak
in the visuals I offered and improved over the year as I got better at
them. I imagine the same here. My stomach was so sore from doing the bounce
so many times. It is the ultimate ab workout!

out the video!

EJ 🙂