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February 6, 2005

“I’m off to
McDonalds.” EJ

I have been asked from time to time what my diet secret
is to stay competitive at my age. “Number 3 Extra Value Meal for
lunch.” That is my most common reply. That is what I had in Australia
three out of 5 days of competition. It is dependable, yummy and provides
enough staying power in case I can’t eat for a few hours again.
Medium size, chocolate shake does me good. Triple thick shakes in USA
is better than the old school ones in Australia though.

“Game on!” EJ

The last thing I said before going into the wave on
my winning ride. Billy Harris just had a great ride and that is what I
was thinking…’Game on!”

“Hey now, you’re an “All-Star”
get your game on, go play…” Smashmouth/EJ

This is what I sang to myself while walking up between
rides on finals day.

EJ 🙂