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February 22, 2005

Email from a customer:

My husband and I had the chance
to demo the Fun at a pool session on Friday. It was love at first roll!!

We are both beginners but this boat made us look like
we had been paddling much longer. We found the stability and responsiveness
of the Fun gave us the confidence to try new maneuvers. For instance,
my husband was able to hand roll for the first time! I was able to hold
it on edge much longer than I can hold an edge in my current boat even
when switching between strokes. I could roll with a vertical paddle and
thought "I’ll try my off-side roll for the first time… just for
kicks." NO PROBLEM!! With a performance like that, we were on our
way to buy our first one the next day. Now we need to save to get one
for me.

Just a couple more notes on fit for women. I have had
a hard time fitting in many other boats because my weight put me in one
size boat but my hips had other ideas. Not a problem in the Fun since
the hip pads are adjustable. The design of the boat also prevents the
"bathtub"’ feeling.

In short, thanks for designing a boat that is ideal
for women and beginners.

See ya’ on the river,

Amy L. R. Hill