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February 6, 2005

Jackson Kayak Mission Statement:
We are on a mission to make our lives, the lives of our customers (kayakers
and dealers), our vendors, and our fans better by operating at a higher
level than any whitewater company in history.

The key word in the mission statement is “better”.
Better to the kayakers using our product means a better kayak (lighter,
more comfortable, more durable, drier, better suited for their kayaking
style, less expensive, and with better customer service to back it up).
Better to our dealers means easier to sell, better margins, and better
customer service to back it up. Better to our vendors means; profitable
relationship, bills paid on time, easy to work with. Better to our fans
means that we are true to our purpose at all times, always being the company
that we claim to be, never trading an opportunity for a dole. Bettering
our lives is directly related to operating as a team for the common goal
of making the company itself successful financially. A financially successful
company is a healthy one. Jackson Kayak, Inc. lives under the banner of
“live well for yourself, so you can give yourself away to others.”
This means as Jackson Kayak grows, opportunities for personal growth are
always there. As we fortify the company by paying off our debts, and increasing
our profitability, we also improve our personal earning potential. Just
as Jackson Kayak can only expect profits if we achieve our goals, each
of us are also responsible for our performance and our opportunities are
directly tied into our contributions to the company. This is the best
anybody can hope for and it is as close to the perfect world, as I see
it, that we can create. We will make mistakes, as I will make mistakes.
We should all take full credit for our mistakes, as well as our successes.
Each of us depends upon the whole team. There are no winners if one of
our areas fails to achieve its goals.

Let’s go into 2005 rested, prepared, excited,
and on a mission, all of us on the same mission. Our competition is not
the enemy. We must be champions by being the best, we will beat them by
being better. They are strong, experienced, and determined to earn every
sale before we do. They have seen companies come and go, and are still
going strong. Don’t expect any of our competitors to lay down and
die. The stronger we get the harder they will fight against us, but we
will not fight back. We have no beef with the competition. We will fight
for a “better” world for ourselves, our customers, our vendors,
and our fans. Winning that fight will guarantee our success over any competitor.
Don’t walk into the doors of Jackson Kayak looking for a job in
2005 unless you are ready to roll up your sleeves and be a part of a team
doing things no kayak company has ever done before.


EJ 🙂