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March 10, 2005

Hi All,

These are the events that I have so far on the schedule.
If you know the dates of more events or more information that we could
add to the list please let me know! Also, please forward this to anyone
who you think I may have missed.

I will be sending an update as to what the future seems
to hold in store for freestyle in the next couple of days.



Event Schedule

March 12-13

Alabama Event

March 19-20
Santa Cruz Surf Fest, California

April 2-3

April 2-3
Tallulah Release

April 9-10
Hurley, England

April 9-10
Tallulah Release

April 15-17
CKS Event

April 15-17
Kern River Festival, California

April 23-24
American River Festival, California

April 30
San Juan Rodeo, California

April 29-30
Junior Team Trials, Slalom, NOC

May 7-8
Level 6 Rodeo, Canada

May 7-8
Cheat Festival, WV

May 7-8
French Broad, NC

May 14-15
Reno River Festival, Nevada

May 21-22
Big Kahuna Rodeo, Ottawa

June 1-5
Vail, Colorado

June 10-12
Durango, Colorado

June 11-12
Wenachee Festival, Oregon

June 17-18
FIBARK, Colorado

June 24-25
Zoar Outdoor, MASS

July 15-16
Potomac River Festival, Maryland

July 30-31
Deerfield Festival

August 11-14
Outdoor Retailer, SLC, UT

August 26-28
Blackwater Challenge, New York

Ottawa Rodeo, Canada

Sept. 23-24
Gauley Festival, WV

Oct. 1-2
Rock Island, Tennessee

October 8-9