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March 25, 2005

Hi EJ:

I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for allowing
me to demo a Super Star on the Ocoee last weekend and in general having
a great time paddling with all the Jackson Kayak folks on Sunday.

I’ve been paddling for a long time, but I’m relatively
new to playboating. So I’m not a pro playboater. I’m probably not even
an above average playboater. I’m just an Average Joe Boater that enjoys
rivers, has a blast working on new moves, improving my boating abilities,
and having tons of fun in the process. My problem with playboats – I’m
6’3" and weigh 210 pounds, so I have had to endure uncomfortable
boats for some time. Until Now! I couldn’t believe the level of comfort
in the Super Star. I have never been so immediately comfortable, both
mentally and physically, in a boat. After a few minutes paddling the Super
Star, I felt like I had been paddling the boat for months. I felt more
comfortable on the river in the Super Star than I did in the boat I’ve
been paddling for several months! The Super Star was very forgiving through
all my floundering, and even seemed to nurse me through various drills
to actually improve my boating in a day. What a fantastic design you’ve
produced! How can a cutting edge playboat still be so forgiving for a
paddler at my level and actually allow me to improve in a day? I don’t
know, but when I returned home, I immediately visited my local Jackson
Kayak dealer and ordered a Super Star.

I was also paddling with a friend who was on the Ocoee
for his first time that weekend. He started paddling last summer. On that
Sunday (his second Ocoee run) you gave him a JK Fun to demo. We were both
hesitant for him to paddle an unfamiliar boat his second day on the Ocoee,
but after you alleviated our concerns, we loaded the Fun and headed for
the put in. He was considerably more aggressive, played a lot more, and
looked more comfortable and in control in the Fun than he was in his boat
that he’s been paddling for several months. He too is purchasing a Jackson

A big thanks to you for your help and paddling tips
to both of us. And a HUGE thanks to Stephen Wright for spending a lot
of time with us offering tips and suggestions to improve our paddling.
Stephen’s teaching ability and enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge was
amazing. We will definitely be attending one of Stephen’s clinics. Nick
was also a blast to paddle with and offered us lots of enthusiastic encouragement.

Thanks again for a great day on the Ocoee. Keep up
the fantastic work at Jackson Kayak. I’m looking forward to seeing you
all again. How about a Rocker demo?!!

A converted Jackson Kayak Fan,

Steve Williams