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March 1, 2005

Hi EJ, Kristine, Emily and Dane,

Your story hit close to home today and I wanted to
share a perspective, from a little further along in the family life cycle,
with you. My son Garrett and I paddled together from the time he was 8
years old. We started in rafts, moved to Thrillseeker IK’s when he was
12, and finally matured into kayaks when he was 15.

Our shared interest in boating not only gave us what
has turned out to be a lifelong interest in common, but the trips we took
together while he was growing up allowed us to spend a great deal of time
together helping us develop a bond that I treasure. I remember, in particular,
a conversation with him one day on the way to the Trinity river about
how much we each appreciated both how we enjoyed spending our time together
while doing something we loved, and the father son relationship we shared.

Garrett is 25 now and we live 1200 miles apart, but
we talk frequently, often about boating, and we prioritize paddling together
every year, though he has to step down a couple of levels to accommodate
me now. Even with the distance involved boating remains a common interest
that further enriches our relationship.

My best to all of you,




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N Fork Feather Trip Aug 03

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Garrett, Andrew, Ryan, Devin, & Mike at the North Fork Feather AW weekend

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Garrett age 14 in Upper Burnt Ranch Falls (Jaws)