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March 18, 2005

Tony had to try not to think about kayaking everyday
because he had three vertebrae in his neck fused and was not allowed to
go kayaking until they healed. He finally got to go and here is the note
he sent me! Welcome back to kayaking Tony!

🙂 EJ

Hi Partner;

Finally got to be in whitewater again. New boat and
design, new paddle, old habits, old soft body and distant memories of
how it is under moving water. First day, I sucked. Took a long time to
get to relearn some of it. We stayed on the same fast wave the whole day.
I was happy, but disappointed in myself. After a night eating ranch meat
and drinking fine beer under the stars and below the canyon walls, I felt
better. I even tried to surf a hole next to our campsite, but after a
couple of thrashings, I went back to the wave we were on the day before.
Then, I woke up, and everything fell into place. I got the hang of this
thoroughbred, learned to control it and stay on the wave. That’s when
I felt how good this design and weight is, as all my past kayaking came
back to me. I’ve never felt such ease of handling and response before.
I didn’t want to get out and go home. Thanks EJ and David Knight for such
a great toy! I’m still brushing off the bugs and river weeds I caught
in my teeth from grinning all day.

I also brought my 4FUN for my buddy to try. After criticizing
everything from the color to the happy feet foot bag, he tried the boat
and acted as though he was doing me a favor getting in it. Ten minutes
later, he peels off the wave screaming SOLD! He would not let me take
it back home, he put it on the roof of his car, and told me all he was
going to do to it to make it:"the perfect kayak!" I laughed
so hard at him that he might have felt offended. One more bites the wave
and buys a Jackson Kayak!

I also discovered that those boats are great to get
boatin’ babes attention. They come over from their campsite and act real
interested in the boats. So after I introduced myself as Eric "call
me EJ" Jackson, and tell them all about my prowess on the waves,
I’m in, so to speak… Since I am at least as handsome as you, it works
like a charm… Next time I’ll take photos of all that, including the
new bikini lines for the year. Kristine may not let you put them up on
the site, but I know you’ll be interested in order to get idea for our
upcoming water wear line.

Can’t wait to go back next week!

Take care




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Rancher extraordaire, Tony