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March 1, 2005

Rob has been paddling in DC for a long time and is
now in a position of great influence over the future of DC paddlers. He
is the teacher of the Voyageur Program at a private school in Washington,
DC. He teaches kids to kayak at a school that has been a leader for many
years in developing kayakers. His love of the sport, and his proficiency
of it are huge assets for both the school, for his peers on the water,
and for Jackson Kayak. Rob is somebody that makes any group on the water
more fun to be with, and any session memorable. Here is what Rob has to
say about Rob:


Occupation: Teacher:
Voyageur Program at National Cathedral and St. Albans School (

Years Boating:

Home River: Great
Falls of the Potomac

On-River: I love
big wave surfing and running challenging water. But, as long as my friends
are around it’s all-good. I also really love the feeling you get
when you are a part of a team of people working together seamlessly on
the water.

Off-River: Let’s
see I like doing what I can to keep old air-cooled VWs rolling down the
road; I often get from point A to point B on a single speed mountain bike;
I would wind up deeply depressed if I didn’t get to climb; and,
I’m much happier outside than in.

ACA Certified Whitewater Kayaking Instructor Trainer
ACA Advanced Whitewater Endorsed
ACA Swiftwater Rescue Endorsed
Wilderness First Responder

My Take on Paddling:
If you’re reading this we probably feel about the same way, can’t
live without it. I love it all: sea kayaking, creeking, playboating, big
wave surfing, river running…. If I had to pick just one (and hopefully
I never will) it would have to be creeking, there’s nothing quite
like getting out there and facing challenges with a team of friends that
you trust completely.

My Take on Teaching Paddling:
The key to success for the developing paddler is empowerment. A student
should walk away from a kayaking instructional program understanding that
being a paddler is about more than understanding skills and strokes. Sure,
a developing paddler needs to become a technically proficient kayaker.
However, in order to safely and effectively use their kayaking skills
a paddler must be a risk manager, trip planner, communications specialist,
strong leader, safety guru, and logistics expert. And, having acquired
these skills, a student should also take home the confidence to use them.

Oh, and One More Thing:
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