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March 16, 2005

I got this from Dominique,
our Fun 1.5 paddling 90 pounder from
Quebec today, very cool! She is the next Mighty Mouse!

Hi EJ!
Congration for your first place at the worlds!!! I suppose that you and
your familly had a nice trip.

In Quebec, the winter is so long!!! Last week, it was
-17 degre outside. So, I’ve practice
in the pool
to keep the shape. It’s really nice to paddle my fun 1.5,
It’s easier to do flatwater carthwheels, stalls, splits… It’s cool to
make aerial tricks with my friends. I’ve send you a short video.

Oh, you will come to the Big Cahones!!! It’s nice because
I will meet you soon… There are a lot of great events for this season!

Here is my schedule for 2005:

April 30-May 1 : Chambly Rodeo, Quebec
May 7-8 : Level Six Cup, Ottawa
May 14-15 : Labelle Rodeo, Quebec
May 21-22 : Big Cahones, Ottawa

June 4-5 : St-Felicien Rodeo, Quebec
June 11-12-13 : Bemgarten Rodeo, Switzerland
June 18-19: Lyon River Rodeo, Lyon

July 9-10 : Rouge River Jamboree, Quebec
July 30-31 : Deerfield Festival, Maine

August 20-21 : Lachine Rodeo, Quebec
August 27-28 : Upper Gatineau Festival, Quebec

September 2-3-4 : Ottawa River Festival, Ottawa

October 1-2 : Rock Island Rodeo, Tenesse

See you,
Dominique Gauthier