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April 11, 2005

Colorado Kayak Supply’s
Chad and Earl are incredible ambassadors for kayaking and just don’t
stop working for every paddler they bump into. Their paddlefest this weekend
will be a perfect example. In support of this great event, I am flying
Clay Wright out to help Jackson Kayak’s Colorado Ambassador, Marty
Cronin man our booth. Did I say booth? Let me explain: They will be standing
by our lineup of great kayaks and answering questions about which boat
is for you, talking about your local runs, or signing autographs, etc.
Come by for a free sticker or something. This is the way it is supposed
to be. Come see all of the great gear CKS offers, especially come and
check out some new Jackson Kayak designs that are hot off the press- the
Rocker and Super Hero!

EJ 🙂
click here for more information on paddlefest (FYI, Jackson Kayak boats
prices are marked MSRP – manufacturer special retail prices of only
$895 for Fun series, and $995 for other models)