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April 1, 2005

What you have been waiting for! We have discovered
that there is no real money in whitewater and that the only way to survive
is to sell low cost, rec boats, and high dollar touring boats. It is a
decision that was hard to come to, in my own words, “I can’t
believe I am doing this, but hey, I’m in it for the money right,
so let’s do it!”

Well, we are building our own rotomolding facility
here at Rock Island at the old Levis plant where we currently rent space
as a warehouse. We are hiring a “VERY” well known person to
help us design the boats and mold them too. While whitewater will have
to take a back seat for a while, we have the boats almost finished anyhow,
just need to get the molding dialed in for the Rocker, Hero and Super

Our line needs a name. Also, if anybody has contacts
at REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Gallians, or Walmart, please forward
that to me, because the little shops we sell to now can’t compete
with the big stores for volume and pricing. Finders fees applicable for
any closed deal over $1 million.

Look for the first boats on the website by June and
a whole new look on the site. Since whitewater will probably only be 20%
at best of our total sales, we’ll need to give it a more laid back,
flatwater, fishing, and picknicking look to it. I will archive the old
site for you whitewater junkies to look at, so don’t worry.

We’ll need lots of new staff, but I prefer not
to hire kayakers for the flatwater part because they always want to go
paddle when it rains, so only non-kayakers for this division please!

Yes, this is a 180 degree turn. However, it isn’t
like every other kayak company hasn’t done it before me so I can’t
imagine that you are surprised. Yes, I am still a whitewater kayaker,
but more importantly than that, I am a businessman.

Thanks for your support in this move.

See you at the lake!




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