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April 18, 2005

It’s homecoming week
for the Jackson’s. I lived in Washington, DC from 1984 until 1997
when we moved into our first RV. The Potomac River is Great Falls, Mather
Gorge, and Little Falls. Then there is the “Feeder Canal”
and Dickerson Whitewater Course to consider, what a great place to be
a kayaker. I have always said that if you work from 9-5 there is no place
better to be than Washington DC for after work paddling near a city.

Oh yea, my clinics, sorry…

I am teaching on Saturday, one clinic from 9-1, and
a second clinic from 2-6pm. Both clinics will feature:

  • EJ’s Strokes and Concepts program
  • EJ’s Rolling and Bracing Program
  • River Running and Playboating

I honestly don’t know which is the intermediate
and which is the more “advanced” clinic so check in with Valley
Mill at 301-948-0220.

Also- a free demo on Sunday with Valley Mill Boat shop.
This really means, come and paddle with my kids and I and the Valley Mill
Staff, ask away on the questions about our boats, and have a great time
on the water… Again, check with Valley Mill on the schedule.

See you in DC!

EJ 🙂


The community will
meet at the shop on Saturday not Sunday. EJ is teaching two classes on
Sunday. The Saturday event will include a paddling session on our lake,
shop time, a BBQ, and finished up with an EJ hosted river run.