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Jez, my importer in Australia sends me his story on the
Australian National Championships. You have to check out the photos of the
All-Star, crazy!

April 5, 2005

>From Jez:
All Star does it again.

The Australian National Championships were held at
Penrith Whitweater Stadium again, however the scoring system was completely
overhauled. The junior class was full of up and coming paddlers from around
Australia. They charged up Jacks wave in front of a small but vocal crowd.

So Jake thought he would enter the senior men’s as
well as the junior class paddling his airbrushed Jackson All Star. He
had a few top notch runs in the juniors and for the second year he took
out Junior National Champion. He moved on to the men’s division held at
the fryer feature, a very tough feature. He managed to make the finals
with some clean smooth runs. As boaters started bowing out it came down
to Anthony Yapp and Jake. Both paddlers pulled off Air blunts and roundhouses,
but Jake managed to hit a few donkey flips when it counted. The scores
were very close but Jake paddling the only Jackson Kayak in the field
took the title making him both the Junior and Men’s Australian National

DON our other sponsored paddler got two zero’s, making
him the worst technical freestyle paddler in Australia, quite possibly
the world, but he was the most stylish pulling off paddle spins, one handed
side surfs and air guitar moves in a Dancer. He sucks, but we will continue
to sponsor him.

I also managed to take out joint National Champion
for OC1.




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