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April 13, 2005

I got these today from our Chief Opperations Officer,
John Ratliff
which came from a buddy he paddled with in Kentucky, cool.


Saturday I had the privelidge to watch my good friend
Adam Thomas take his little 7 year old girl Kirsten down the river for
the first time. It was extra special because I have known Adam since Kirsten
was born and I got to witness a very special day for them both as Adam
has dreamed of this moment for many years. Either way I was hoping you
might be able to get these shots up on the web site for me. I know Adam
paddled with us last summer when we went down the Cumberland so you probably
will remember him. I have cropped and attached a few shots in hopes that
you can give a little Kentucky girl some love since she is loving you
all and the Fun1 and her JK paddle.

Either way the end of school is nigh and boating season
begins soon! We are trying to put together an overnighter BSF trip soon
with raft support for the beer and gear. I will give you the details when
I know them. Also you should be soon recieving an invitation for you and
Abby for the KidYak 2005 that we are going to annually put on for kids
to get into boating. It is a low pressure type of class to inform kids
about kayaking so they know the ropes when its time to start them out.
We then take them on a river trip. It is ACA certified and there will
be lots of fun with other kids. I know she has a boat! The weekend on
May 13-15 we are going to do it. I talked with Laurens parents when I
started the idea and they are coming too. I wanted her there for motivation
and so the kids can see her and maybe follow when they wouldnt mimick
an adult.

Either way lets go boating soon!




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Kirsten cool

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Kirsten Fun

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Kirsten paddle

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Kirsten seal launch