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April 16, 2005

Holey moley – there must be a big eddy/pool of
water just to the right of that waterfall shot – no way did you
go over that entire waterfall to the left in photo!!!? Yes to marriage
– 8 years behind you though. All is well. Now 9 straight days of
sunshine – an update NY record for sure.

Are your kids and you doing slalom team or only the
free style white water rodeo end of things? I think I read on your site
you were designing a new slalom boat??

Awesome photos – especially that big falls –
I may have to get a print made of that one – that’s an amazing
photo – Tom Rogers and Action Photography would be impressed! I
heard from a friend that Wayne Hockmeyer divorced and moved to Florida
to sail a huge catamaran? I went back up there and ran the Penobscot River
with my kayak back about 8 years ago – kayaked with this girl that
taught at Nathalie Outdoors. I hadn’t been in a kayak in the previous
few years and exterminator kept me up all night before as it is the first
rapid you hit – no biggy though. Staircase was changed – got
a video running staircase taken by Wayne’s son who was a film major
at the time. Time sure flys – I’d like to run an add in every
paper in the USA, “lost, one 24………. J…..”
fill in the missing words, you know you know them.

Later dude and dudette,


PS) Will fish for stripers at Plum Island & mouth
of Merrimack River in June and again in August (an annual trip for me).
Expecting to catch several dozen of them. Catch any fish down there in
big lunker bass country? More photos attached.


Hey Eric,

Cool to hear from you. Life is good, Kristine and I
have been married for 17 years now and were going strong. The kids are
awesome kayakers, both on the USA junior team. I won the world championships
this year, my third title (1993, 2001, 2005), so my kayaking is going
well. Jackson Kayak is fun and we are selling lots of boats. We have12
models now. Check it out at

We live in middle Tennessee, awesome- I am paddling
in a short sleeve paddle jacket, have a great spot here with 20 acres
and an RV for summer travels.

What’s up with your kids? Still married?



How’s it going EJ? Saw your name in my address
book and thought I’d drop you a line. I ran into a couple guys that
are members of the Merrimack Valley Paddlers (eating at a famous Syracuse
eatery) – they didn’t know who you were so you better tell
that club of yours to start a Wall of Fame for you or something. They
didn’t know who Opie and Yuk Yuk were either so I guess those two
have retired from paddling?? We’re getting older my friend!

You still living down there in “God’s country”?
Don’t grab hold of any trot lines hanging from a branch or a guy
with a ZZ-top beard right out of “Deliverance” will come a
calling with one of them there double barrel smoke poles J

We may go to Naples, FL to see my Aunt & Uncle
next winter and hit Disney World – haven’t been down south
in a good while.

What’s new? You still married? Kids still heading
toward kayaking fame?

How’s the new line of kayaks selling?

TGIF – 8 days straight of sun shine up hear.
Attached are a few photos of our Village of Skaneateles, NY.

Life is good. Drop me a line when you get a chance.

Hans E.



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Emily Baby Falls

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EJ Bald River Rocker

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EJ with our dogs in backyard on Easter

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Dane & Nick playing chess

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