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May 17, 2005

Hey EJ,

I got the 2005 4 Fun and I love it. I paddled it last
Sat. for the first time. It fits perfectly and is the most comfortable
boat I have ever paddled. It is also the smallest boat I have paddled.
I can’t imagine that the Super Fun could be more comfortable. I did move
the seat to the back position. I am absolutely amazed at how well it paddles.
I didn’t miss a move running the river all day and it surfs better than
any boat I’ve ever tried. There is usually a little bit of a learning
curve for a new boat but not with this boat. It was great right from the
start. It is by far the easiest boat to roll I’ve ever been in. I have
to be careful or I come up to fast and have to brace on the other side.
The foot bag is the best thing ever in outfitting. It works perfectly.
It does better in seconds what took hours and many tries with foam. I
love being able to tighten and loosen it so easily. The built in thigh
braces fit perfectly. Much better than any adjustable one I’ve used in
other boats. The seat felt great. Usually my butt is killing me by the
end of the day but not in the 4 Fun. The new backband also works flawlessly.
I’ll have to admit that when I first saw it I was a little skeptical but
it was super easy to use and didn’t slip a bit. Everyone (including me)
is amazed at how light weight this boat is. The Fun Float bag is perfect.
Someone should have thought of this a long time ago and saved me years
of constantly deflating and pushing normal float bags back in place. The
only thing I missed was a water bottle holder in front of the seat. I
was thinking about attaching a bicycle water bottle cage to the support
beam with pipe clamps. Any suggestions? Anyway, I just wanted you to know
which boat a got and how happy I am with it. Thanks for building such
a great boat.

Greg Carder