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May 28, 2005

I just bought a Liquid Force ‘Trip’ ( hopefully the
wake version of the ‘Fun’ – but possibly an RPM for all I know) 138 and
have been learning to jump. Too bad John Ratlif can’t use a shutter cause
I was going absolutely HUGE! Landing ‘tantrums’ wake to wake fakie no
problem (and you should see the size of the one that got away).

All I’ve got is John’s photos, so here he goes.

Keep up the good work at your day-job, John – we need
you here.




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John looks like a super-cool pro wakboarder no? He boards like a pro right from the start.(that’s me in the mirror)

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So far so good!

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Setting up for something big …

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I didn’t know ‘Ass-plant’ was a trick … it isn’t listed on the website (but looks cool, no?).

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But the man can go for a backflip no problem! Here’s Plant-heat John Ratlif mid backflip.

This is NOT a head-plant (see the spray pattern?) I
say ‘mid backflip’ but he’s actually way over 1/2 way: too bad the lake
got in the way.

Now if he can just learn to jump the wakes RedBull
will be calling for sure!!!