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May 2, 2005

: $39
Happy Thruster:
Seat/Thruster Combo
: $59.00

Let’s talk about just
what a Happy Seat and Happy Thruster are, and how they are available:

Happy Seat by itself:- The Happy Seat is an inflatable
bladder that goes under your legs just in front of your existing seat.
It has two purposes.

  1. 1. It gives you more control in the boat.
  2. 2. It makes your legs more comfortable, taking some
    of the pressure off of your knees, hips, and butt.

The Happy Seat comes with a cord to attach the front
of it to your floor support, and the back end attaches by Velcro straps
around your seat. If you have a Jackson Kayak, then it was designed perfectly
for you, however, it will work in any boat.

Warning: The Happy Seat takes up room in your cockpit.
You should make sure it doesn’t impede exit from your boat in case
of emergency. You should attach it in properly before using it with the
cord included. Don’t use it if you aren’t 100% sure that you
can get out easily.

Happy Thruster: The Happy Thruster is an addition to
the Happy Seat, made to use together. The Happy Thuster slides right over
the Happy Seat while deflated and stays on while inflated. The purpose
of the Happy Thruster is to turn your kayak into a space ship. There is
no other system that will give you more lift for huge air than the Happy
Thruster. The benefit of this system over the others is that you have
a quick adjustment to the amount of volume you add, plus, it is a soft
pillow in your spray skirt that protects your face and hands. The Happy
Thruster is not made to use by itself. The Happy Seat/Happy Thruster Combo
is the ticket for any playboater looking to improve their ride substantially.

I won the World Championships this year doing the biggest
loops of the comp, even in finals. The Happy Thruster/Seat, in combination
with the All-Star is a dream come true for any playboater. Try it out
and you’ll never go back! I haven’t paddled my playboat without
the Happy Seat since I designed it in the fall. When wave surfing I have
just enough air in the Happy Thruster to act like an implosion prevention
device, and when in a hole, I blow it up for major air!

EJ 🙂