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May 3, 2005

We will be shipping to dealers that have pre-sold boats
on order first, then the rest by normal pecking order. I recommend that
you go ahead and call your shop and put down a deposit if you want yours
in the initial round of boats. We’ll be picking up even more steam
in the next few weeks of manufacturing. The new bulkheads are too cool!
The first time you paddle one you’ll know just why you waited for

Which one should you get? Get the Rocker if you want
to creek primarily. Get the Hero or Super Hero if you want to paddle downriver,
skipping the play, but gaining a driving boat that loves to get to the
bottom of the rapid quickly and on the surface. The Hero is perfect for
the 150 pound and under crowd, while the Super Hero is for 140-240 pound

See you on the river, soon!




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Nick on Baby Falls in Rocker